Unique Polymer Systems LTD (UPS) Marine Repair resins are liquid epoxide resins, which when mixed with the appropriate amount of hardener produces a mix that will have exceptional adhesive properties, making this the perfect repair matrix for metals, wood, glass, GRP and other synthetic materials. UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener is a specially developed epoxide hardened, which ensures that the mix not only cures at normal ambient temperatures but also attains maximum strength in a reasonable working time.

Falcon Ships Chandlers supply Thistlebond productsUPS 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener (Formally TRK 19000)
Supplied in 10-unit resin packs that are all pre-measured in correct proportions for subsequent mixing. Each individual unit contains one container of hardener and one container of resin. The resin container is designed to facilitate its use as a mixing container for both resin and hardener.
UPS 19002/3 A&B Cement
Specially developed epoxide repair compounds supplied in two separate packs marked A and B. When mixed together in equal portions by volume the cement will cure to an extremely strong mass with a better adhesive/ laminate bond than one produced with the UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin Hardener.
UPS 19007 / 9/ 11 GT Glass Tape
Specially treated glass fiber fabric that ensures UPS 19000 RH will fully permeate the fabric and give the resultant glass fiber resin laminate repair excellent mechanical properties.
UPS 19030 Contour Cloth
A resin reinforced fabric that can be contoured to the surface of a pipe.
UPS 19020 Glass Mat
A fabric consisting of a random weave of glass fibers that will absorb a considerable quantity of mixed resin which, when cured, will produce a mechanically strong mass.
UPS 19031 Linen Scrim
An open weave linen fabric used as a backing for the glass mat to make it easier to handle when being applied to a repair. Linen scrim becomes an integral part of the completed repair.
Applied to the outside of a repair after the application of UPS 19031 Linen Scrim – Its purpose is to obtain the mixed resin repair until it has cured.
UPS 19043 Sealer Filler
Special non-asbestos filler in powder form for addition to the resin mix after the initial mixing has taken place. The resultant sealer filler mix has two very useful properties. The mix is very thixotropic and can therefore be applied to vertical areas. The mix can be applied to operate at temperatures up to 180°C (356°F). When it is applied as a pre-coat, prior to carrying out a repair, it will help to insulate the resin laminate from the operating temperature of the parent body repair.
UPS 19042 Fairing Compound
A second filler consisting of glass fiber strands for addition to the resin mix after the initial mixing has taken place and can be used in a similar way to the Sealer Filler.
Unique Accessories
Barrier Cream Gloves
Resin Removing Cream Stirring Tools
Brushes Plastic Coated Paper
Trowelling Tool Instruction Booklet


Falcon Ships Chandlers supply Thistlebond productsUnique Polymer Systems LTD Marine Repair Kits are a must have maintenance tool which as the experience of the user broadens, can resolve an ever increasing number of the maintenance engineers at sea problems. The ultimate strength and performance of these types of repair are very much dependent on the operating conditions and the correct repair procedures being adopted. These types of systems have been marketed and sold for many years and their success, as a maintenance tool is well proven and established.

Before starting any repairs always ensure that the areas being repaired are isolated and/or pressure reduced as much as possible to achieve the best possible repair.

UPS 11000 ‘A’ Kit UPS 13000 ‘C’ Kit
UPS 17000 ‘LBK’ Life Boat Kit UPS 19000 RH
UPS 19002/3 A&B Cement UPS 19601/3/4/5/6 PR Emergency Repair Bandage
UPS 19500 Small Pipe Repair Kit UPS 2006 Large Pipe Repair Kit
Unique Polymer Systems LTD – ThistleBond LTD – IMPA Codes 
Product Code Pack Size IMPA Code
UPS 19000 RH Standard Resin & Hardener 225gm unit 81 22 16
UPS 19001 LBR Lifeboat Resin 330gm unit 81 22 34
UPS 19060 SG Stick Grade Metal 0.125gm unit 81 22 02
UPS 105 EG Metal Repair Paste 1kg unit 81 22 11
UPS 19043 Sealer Filler 50gm unit 81 22 20
UPS 19007 GT Glass Tape 50mm X 50m 1 roll 81 22 23
UPS 19009 GT Glass Tape 100m X 50m 1 roll 81 22 25
UPS 19002 A&B Cement 0.176gm unit 81 22 30
UPS 19003 A&B Cement 1kg unit 81 22 31
UPS 11000 ‘A’ Kit Kit each 81 22 35
UPS 13000 ‘C’ Kit Kit each 81 22 37
UPS 17000 ‘LBRK’ Lifeboat Repair Kit Kit each 33 02 87
UPS 19500 ‘SPRK’ Small Pipe Repair Kit Kit each 81 23 67
UPS 560 TTLG 20lt unit 81 22 32
UPS 19601 Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage
50mm X 1.7m
Pack of 10 81 23 62
UPS 19603 Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage
50mm X 3.6m
Pack of 5 81 23 64
UPS 19604 Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage
75mm X 3.6m
Pack of 5 81 23 65
UPS 19605 Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage
100mm X 3.6m
Pack of 5 81 23 66